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We've all experienced hair loss, with some days being more severe than others. Thin hair does not always indicate that your hair is damaged or that you are losing more hair than you should; you can have thin, healthy hair.

When people say they have thin hair, they simply mean they have minor to moderate hair loss. Thin hair does not imply total hair loss; it simply indicates that you have areas of your head with less hair. The best part is that it doesn't happen overnight, so you can easily track down and identify when you're shedding more hair than normal.

Why Do We Have Thin Hair?

Hair thinning can be caused by a variety of lifestyle factors as well as genetics in some cases. There are numerous decisions we make daily that can have an impact on the quality of our hair, some of which are as follows:

• Stress:

As we juggle staying awake, crushing those numbers, creating content for our various businesses, working our 9-5 or keeping an eye on the kids without proper rest, our stress hormones kick in and begin to affect our hair growth.

• Harsh Hair Products:

Experimenting with different harsh products while getting the best styles out of our hair can also prove to be counter- productive. When products with harsh substances or chemicals are applied on our hair, it takes a toll on our hair growth.

• Too Much Manipulation:

Packing your hair too tightly and changing styles too frequently can have a negative impact on the health of your hair. These can lead to hair breakage and damage.

• Lack of minerals and vitamins:

Vitamins are extremely important to the body because they not only strengthen our immune systems but also aid in hair growth. You could add multivitamin tonics and capsules to your daily diet to supplement the vitamins obtained from our foods and fruits.

Hair thinning can also occur because of hormonal changes, skin disease, infection, alopecia, side effects from chemotherapy, having a baby (post partum hair loss), or losing a lot of weight within a short period.

Hair Thinning Remedies

Hair thinning does not occur overnight. If you notice that you're shedding more hair than usual, you should consult a doctor.

• Take Multivitamins:

Multivitamin capsules and tonics supplement the vitamins we get from food and fruits daily. They meet the daily vitamin and mineral requirements for a healthy, balanced diet, particularly when there is a nutritional deficit.

Multivitamins will assist in supplying the requirements for the body to improve hair growth.

• Protective Hairstyles:

Changing hairstyles too frequently can cause a lot of pain as well as excessive hair shedding and damage. Protective styles such as clip-in extensions give your hair room to breathe and are excellent ways to improve the health of your hair.

• Scalp Massage:

This is a simple hair treatment that helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening existing hair. To achieve this, all you must do is gently apply pressure with your fingers while washing your hair or use a scalp massager. This also improves blood circulation around your head.

• Essential oils and Anti-thinning Shampoo:

Hair products, such as essential oils and sulphate free shampoo, are designed to address specific issues. Keeping an eye out for such products is an excellent way to achieve healthier hair.

The Right Extension For You

We've all fantasized about rocking different hairstyles to various events but are usually quite hesitant to get them because we don't think we have the right volume, texture, or hair length.

You can realize any hair fantasy you have with the help of hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be used to enhance your hair's volume, length, and texture. Because they add volume and length, clip-in extensions are ideal for thin hair. Prepare to take over the event with these easy-to-wear extensions that take less than 10 minutes to install.

Clip-In Extensions are ideal for thin hair because they are lightweight and easy to apply without putting pressure on your hair. They come in a variety of textures and can achieve a plethora of styles; if you want to rock long straight hair, add some waves and curls, or go for a coily look then these textured clip-in in extensions are ideal for you. (Please insert hyperlink for clip-in extensions collection on textured clip-in extensions).

While all of these are suggestions, please speak with a medical professional or certified trichologist if suffering from hair loss to get professional care.

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