About Us

Tamar Beauty Supply is a black female owned online beauty supply store. Founded in 2018. This was borne out of passion for providing protective styles that had no adverse effects on the natural hair. We started off making aesthetically and natural looking braided wigs and over the past two years have evolved into retailing human hair wigs, bundles and most recently our best seller and highly sought after clip-in extensions.


Message From our Founder

Hello, thanks for stopping by our website. If you’re reading this my hope is we have a product to meet your hair need 😊

My name is Tejiri Peretomode. I am a wife, mum, business analyst, entrepreneur and christian blogger.

I’ve always been passionate about caring for my hair but I officially actively started my healthy hair care journey in 2010 while doing my masters in the UK. With the cold weather I knew I just wouldn’t get by with my regular hair styling. 3 years later I moved to the US and was in dire need of protective styling during my 1st pregnancy and got introduced to braided wigs! I thought to myself alas, I could rock my braids without the inconvenience of sitting for hours, I also realized there were opportunities to make it look more natural and that’s how I started off Tamar Beauty Supply.

Our aim is to provide ladies with natural wigs as a protective styling option, enhancing their looks while maintaining healthy hair practices and also for medically related reasons such as Cancer and alopecia.

I put a team of braiders together in Nigeria where the braided wigs are made and shipped to me here in TX for distribution. Our products are available for shipping worldwide. Thus far, we have served customers across the North America, Europe and Africa and we are about to launch a team of retailers in a brand new market.

Over the past two years, we have evolved and now retail all kinds of wigs as well as our  best seller clip-in extensions which I personally make 😊

If you have any questions or need product advise, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Thanks for stopping by!