Headband Wig

As women with multiple responsibilities, our natural hair must be able to keep up. Fortunately, our Headband Wig Collection provides you and your hair with convenience, confidence, and variety. Our headband wigs come in natural black color to ensure a seamless blend of your natural hair. Everyone deserves a natural-looking hairdo and we are here to ensure you get just that 😊!

Traditional wigs typically come with a lace closure or frontal that have to be glued onto the hair. If done too regularly, this can eventually cause damage to the hairline. Headband wigs generally do not have any tension placed on the hairline as they are placed well behind the hairline and then integrate into your natural hair.

The wig provides full coverage, so you have complete choice over how much hair you want to leave out and how much hair you want to tuck away. Because our headband wigs are made to be secure, there is no need to add glue or adhesive to your edges or hairline, thus, a simple and secure way to style your hair.

The headband wig is available in different variants on the Tamar beauty supply website – afro kinky curly, body wave, bone straight, kinky straight and kinky curly.