Tamar Beauty Ultimate Hair starter kit

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Our hair starter kit is specially curated for all hair textures. It provides ladies the essentials needed in styling and protecting their hair to ensure a  healthy hair regimen.

The kit includes:

Mist spray bottle -The fast continuous mist spray is fantastic as it allows you to wet larger areas of your hair. Perfect for curly hair styling. 
Size -300ml

Detangling brush - Easily detangle your hair with our ergonomic Detangling hair brush. It has an adjustable expander to provide a wide coverage as you glide through your hair.

Hair LemonaidRefreshing scalp and curl booster that helps prevent dandruff and build up and also helps hydrate and moisturize the hair. It will NOT change hair color because it does not contain Lemon juice rather it contains the nourishing extracts from the leaves of the LEMON VERBANA TREE. 
Size -120ml

Satin Turban - Can be used as turban for going out and also a sleep bonnet. Satin promotes moisture retention, reduces frizz & prevents knots. One size fits all.

Satin scarf -Our satin scarves are made from luxurious silk like fabric. They’re soft to feel & comfortable. It can be used as a hair or fashion accessory. They are also suitable for the fall & winter season. 
Size: 35”x 35”


Turbans & scarves are available in various colors. Please select the color combo you want in your kit from the drop down below. Want a color combo not listed? Kindly indicate your preference during checkout. 


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