Natural Hair Clip-in Extensions

All women would love to keep their stunning looks with gorgeous hairstyles. Tamar Beauty aims to provide the finest quality hair while preserving a high standard of the hair industry. The idea is to give ladies the option of adding aesthetically pleasing hair extensions to their looks without damaging their natural hair. This is why we have extensions for every hair texture that are created entirely from 100% virgin human hair bundles. These extensions are collected all the way from Vietnam.

Just as it sounds, the extensions in our natural hair collection all look and feel like a woman’s natural hair. One can hardly tell the difference, and that is the beauty! At Tamar beauty, we strive to offer the highest quality hair extensions to our customers. We make it possible for ladies to have multiple styling options without damaging their natural hair. Our goal is to make it possible for every woman to wear beautiful hair extensions without having to worry about any damage to their hair.